Graphics h in turbo c

In this app you will learn how to use Graphics in C language with Turbo C/C++ Software. Multiple examples are available for users to use graphics in C language and create design and make anything using graphics.Mainly "graphics.h" header file is use for graphics functions and initialize graphics using "initgraph" function

The graphics.h header file provides access to a simple graphics library that makes it possible to draw lines, rectangles, ovals, arcs, polygons, images, and strings on a graphical window. The second step is initialize the graphics drivers on the computer using initgraph method of graphics.h library. Sep 13, 2012 ยท A blog about computer programming - c, c++ programming, graphics, graphical user interface using c, mini projects in C, C , C++ Lab programs

Analog Clock is mini project in a C ++ language. It is graphics application using graphic library <graphics.h>. This program is Compiled using Turbo C++. Here is the source code of this program in C++ using Graphics. analog clock1 /*Program for analog CLock*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <math.h> #include <string.h> Description: It is a Car race game with 5 levels and 3 life. You bang against a car, you loose one life. after crossing a certain no of ...If you face any issues while compiling this line drawing graphics program, you may have to install graphics.h in your operating system. Note: This C program for DDA line generation algorithm is compiled with Turbo C compiler on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Method 1: C Program To Implement DDA Line Drawing Algorithm

I'm trying to learn graphics.h in turbo c++, so it'll be really helpful if someone can give me link to proper tutorials on it.