Vag coil dwell time

You will also need to decide on coil type BEFORE making the loom as they are wired differently. 036 905 715F short type tfsi dwell time 1.3ms PIN 1 ECU ground 2 ground 3 +12 volts 4 ecu signal 0221604 115 long R8 coil dwell time 1.8ms PIN 1 +12 volts 2 ecu ground 3 ecu signal 4 ground Wiring i used 2.5 mm high temperature wire. soldered joints ...

Sep 29, 2010 · Driving along the R21 with the VR about an hour ago at 100kmh and all of a sudden huge missfire and running like crap. Pulled off at the nearest safe place (Olifansfontein offramp), popped open the bonnet and saw the coil pack by number 5 had basically expolded out of the coil pack.

As the dwell time increases, the peak coil charge current increases. The coil output current is not as linear. The LS1 coils do not fully saturate until around 8 milliseconds, but the spark energy does not increase much when the dwell exceeds 6 milliseconds. So stick with a 'running' dwell setting near the design value of 5.6 to 5.8 milliseconds. Enable dwell control and adjust as needed to match the coils you are using. Set the dwell at a very low value to start with (we’ve found Ford EDIS coils have especially short dwell times) and increase it slowly. Back it off if the BIP373s become hot to the touch. Aug 29, 2012 · Testing of Bosch coil 0 221 604 109 - Pencil Coil-On-Plug with built-in driver circuit. Secondary current and voltage is displayed, and optimum dwell time is determined from measured results. I ... May 24, 2010 · Dwell-time for VAG TFSI coils? ... What is the recommended dwell time for these coils? As per now I have set it up for 2ms,is that okey? Top. TuRBo-Shark. Posts: 81

Whilst being powerful, the GM LQ9/LS2 D585 ignition coils have a risk of self-discharge and timing drift. To maximise its’ performance, tuners has been pushing its’ dwell time between 5ms to 6ms towards it over-charged current limit. Nov 19, 2009 · Link G4 Xtreme ecu (full control over everything, dwell time configurable down to 0.1ms). So i'm after a coil that can handle up to 100kw per cylinder, so thats 600kw on a RB setup. My current coils are near new. I still need to try the *070* series coils that my friend has, i just haven't got around to it yet. Chris, The MS3X spark outputs are limited to the amount of current the logic circuit of the COP draws. For twin plug, the Toyota/Denso COP has high So current starts at the +12 source, goes through the coil, then through the module to ground. And that is the most common way that coils without built-in igniters are driven. But there are some VAG (and a few others I think?) coils with built-in igniters where the input to the igniter still requires more current than the MS3X output can provide.