Yandere au sanses x reader

AU Sans and Papyrus X reader Your life has been relatively normal for a while now. You have a good education, a decent job, and a beautiful house. One day, you wake up to find a strange artifact on your nightstand. Later that same day, Monsters return to the surface after being trapped in the underg...

No me digan nada pq el tmb es yandere >:v Undertale X Reader One-shots - Yandere!Sans X Reader Sans X Reader from the story Undertale X Reader One-shots by chunkymamatam (Tamia Lutz) with reads. I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter back~ Sep 26, 2017 · Made with TextingStory // textingstory.com. (Kind of a cringe) part 2 of yandere sans x listener ....HERE YOU GO YOU SINNING SEEDS - Duration: 7:13. dream sans/ hdr animation 23,434 views

[ Would you look at that?! Another chapter this time has been requested. Thank you, Glicoizuu for requesting this chapter! Now, I know it says 'Undertale AU Sanses x Reader' but, ya know people want other Undertale AU characters x reader. I understand that! It can get quite boring with just AU Sanses Anyways, hope ya'll enjoy this chapter. 3125 Best undertale images Undertale comic, Undertale au Fell Sans X Blueberry and huge collection of sex photos Fell Sans X Blueberry. Feel free to enjoy gigabytes of nude porn pics Undertale X Reader One Shot [Finished] - Yan!NaJ!Dust!Sans x </p> <p>Ink x Taken! reader from the story Undertale/Au's x reader. by Broken-fnaf-fan (Creator Abbie.

Jan 03, 2018 · I hope you enjoy the yandere Sanses -w-'' I don't own anything once again. I hope you enjoy the yandere Sanses -w-'' ... Pretty Little Psycho ~ Yandere AU Sanses Alisha DaWolf. Loading ... Jan 12, 2019 · Eeeeeeeee, part 2 is out!!! Boi!!!! Please hit dat sub button and like button!!! Please enjoy da video